About us


    DDP Chaleunxup Co., Ltd  was established in 11.11.2011, our staff has 11 years of experience in the main field of our business trading to date. These products we supply on a day to day basis, which plays a major role in the supply and delivery of goods to the end user. For the different divisions of our business: such as; Geo systems & Infrastructure; Security; Healthcare; Laboratory and Electronic devices.

        We deliver results to our end-users by collaborating with our strategic partners worldwide that are leaders in their field.

With our commitment to quality and professional service, the company has gained acceptance as a good service provider that delivers benchmark satisfaction to our customers.


     DDP Chaleunxup never pauses in its process to satisfy our clients’ needs. We are always looking for new ways to expand our horizon and devote ourselves in providing better quality products and services. Always ensuring customer satisfaction as our main agenda.

The activities of company:

   Ensuring customer product’s knowledge in need.
   Providing reliable, sustainable turnkey solutions to clients based on best practices.
   Delivering equipment of good to the end user.
   Installing equipment with strict adherence to manufacturing requirements.
   Providing end-user training and maintenance service.
   Providing storage facilities ( Instrument, Accessories and consumable ).
   Providing technical service and warranties on equipment.
   Providing calibration, and certified technical intervention complying with international standards.



     The management team
is comprised of experienced and skillful people whom have participated and executed many projects in different fields; due to their international experience this team has assembled a wide pool of contacts in this business.

        Our engineering teams are trained by our suppliers, either overseas or in Laos. Their ability to operate as an effective unit whilst  maintaining close contact with the technical support services of our suppliers abroad, ensures the continually-high standards of our distributor services.

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